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Since it opened on Mar 8, 2001, EF Shenyang has grown as a language school, providing high quality lessons for children and adults. There are two locations in the city one in Heping, the very heart of the city, and one in Huang Gu, situated 20 minutes away by taxi, near the famous Bei Ling park. We currently have over 30 foreign teachers from the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. We offer extensive support to new teachers as they adapt to living in China, providing mobile phone SIM card upon arrival, internet access in all apartments, assistance with opening a bank account and a tour of some of the city’s sites and shopping areas.

Our resources

All the resources and materials you’ll need for teaching are right here in the school. These include a catalogue of flashcards, props, EF course books, online materials, in addition to years of collective teacher-produced supplementary handouts on our shared teachers’ server.

Each classroom has an IWB (interactive whiteboard) and internet connection. The IWBs are easy to use, and help bring lessons to life. Teachers are given full training on how to use the technology available in school, so technophobes need not fear!

Our students

Our ‘Small Stars’ (3-6 year olds) courses are grouped by developmental stages, and with no more than 12 students per group, allow for maximum interaction between student and teacher. The next age groups are ‘High Flyers’ (7-10 year olds), and ‘Trailblazers’ (11-14), grouped by English ability, with a maximum class size of 18.

Each class has a local teaching assistant, who is there to help students review previously-learned language, assist with classroom management, and also liaise with students’ parents about each child’s progress.

Currently, the majority of our adult students are employees of Shenyang’s Michelin factory. Most adult lessons are one-to-one, and take place at the EF Heping centre. These are workers who will be sent abroad for months at a time, and need to practice general English in order to cope with daily life in an English-speaking country.

Our events

EF Shenyang’s soccer team has been going since 2008, with both indoor and outdoor leagues. It’s a great way to keep in shape and also meet other people from around the city. If you like gambling, there’s always a poker game to be played.

The school has an annual Christmas party for all staff, as well as welcome and farewell dinners for teachers. The staff also enjoys going on school-organized trips throughout the year.

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